An enjoyable day in Seaside, Watercolor,& exploring Grayton Beach along 30A

On 30A life moves differently along the stretch from Grayton Beach through Watercolor and onto Seaside. The colorful bicycles and golf carts are everywhere. I love seeing families enjoy biking along the streets and sand pathways together.  Along 30A the tweens and teens can be seen riding bikes, laughing and playing outside ’til dark….not a cell phone or iPad in site. Remarkable. In Seaside and Watercolor,  I’ve spent countless hours walking the pathways as I visited the perfect parks, the surrounding lakes, and always enjoy the sight of so many beautiful beach-side homes. During my stay, I loved shopping at Sundog books for a good read and enjoyed the diverse smells of great food coming from the Gulf-stream food trucks.  The variety of delicious options is undeniable.

My visits to Watercolor will be remembered for the relaxing lunches of wine and cheese as I listened to the waves coming ashore and taking life slowly with family.

We walked Grayton Beach along 30A, and were captivated by the old beach homes right on the water and the “natural” beach and sea grasses. We treated ourselves to an ice cream cone in Blue Mountain Beach along 30A; later we cooled off while visiting the amazing Zoo Gallery.  Perfect days! 

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Hurricane Evacuee’s Welcome!

Our Paradise Properties team welcomes all Hurricane Evacuees! Visit the Florida Panhandle along the Florida Gulf Coast for a last minute beach vacation!

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