Travelers that set their sights on the stunning stretch of Highway in Florida fondly known as 30A often head out with visions of sugar-white sand beaches and conquering the open road in mind. While both of these features are practically definitions of this sunny area of the state, half the fun of a trip this direction is exploring and experiencing the many beach communities that line 30A. Each town is distinctly unique and comes with a sense of individual personality that makes for an intriguing collection of stops along the way. Of all the towns that make up 30A, there’s something particularly special about the Seaside in Panama City Beach.

An Oasis of Architecture and Design

Perhaps the most noticeable features that make Seaside unique are the architecture and thoughtful design that sets the tone for the entire town. The moment you arrive in Seaside, you’re immersed in a space that was created to both facilitate daily life patterns while also brining a nearly idyllic style into this coastal community. The architectural approach is purposeful and is referred to as New Urbanism. Within this frame, visitors and locals can indulge in a town that’s built on charming cobblestone streets, pastel beach cottages, picket fences, serene parks, and beach pavilions. Combined with the sound of crashing waves on the shoreline, a trip to Seaside is reminiscent of a storybook come to life.

Major Attractions

Visitors to Seaside can plan on leaving their vehicles behind for a while as this quaint destination is best explored by foot or bike. As you make your way through the city center, there are ample opportunities to stop and admire some landmark destinations. Among them, The Chapel at Seaside stands out as one of the most memorable. While this is a functional non-denominational church with services open to the public, its stark white façade and matching interior pews, combined with its charming steeple and stunning lawns make it a place well worth a visit. The chapel sits just behind Ruskin Park which is another iconic landmark in the city. Inviting lawns, gardens and groves of towering trees create an atmosphere of hidden away wonder that is often called upon to host special events.

Flavorful Stops

While every 30A community has its own style, each also has its own flavorful locales and Seaside is no exception to the rule. Many visitors here will want to make time for a stop at Modica Market located in the central square. Whether you’re looking for a bite for breakfast, brunch or lunch, this well-stocked market is sure to have something palate-pleasing. Dine on the open patio or grab something to go if your 30A adventures are ready to continue.

Book a Stay Today

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