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Seacrest Beach Florida

Seacrest Beach is one of the pearls of South Walton, with its white sands below scenic highway 30A. This town is just one of many summer vacation towns in this part of Florida’s Panhandle. Seacrest Beach is bordered on the western side by Camp Creek Lake, a huge, freshwater inlet lake and on the eastern side, visitors will find the master-planned communities of Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. All of these beachside communities are extremely close to one another and beach hopping is actually a thing in these parts of Florida.

Daily Excursions

For those looking for adventure outside of the beach, a visit to nearby Deer Lake State Park is sure to be exhilarating due to the abundance of wildlife in the backwoods of Walton County. If golf is what you seek, the Camp Creek Golf Club offers 18 holes that follow trails of oak canopies and other indigenous Floridian plant life. Seacrest Beach has a few retail shops, as it is considered primarily as a residential area. However, one boutique to visit is the quirky Queork, where the owners sell a wide variety of things made with cork, from well-stitched handbags and shoes to umbrellas and even pillowcases!

While on vacation at Seacrest Beach, Florida, there may be a moment of downtime away from the beach and at times like these, a little education is always a welcome gift. In order to do this, visit the Colorfield Gallery and the Sea Contemporary Art Space. The former is located in nearby Alys Beach and the latter in Rosemary Beach. Even if you don’t make it to see the art, a visit to these two master-planned communities will offer a tour of New Urbanist architecture.

Eat & Drink at Seacrest Beach

When looking for a place to eat in Seacrest Beach, Florida, a visit to The Hub is always a superb option. Here, this communal dining hall houses different restaurants and vendors that serve options such as burgers, pizza, sandwiches, seafood, barbecue, smoothies, ice-cream and tacos, just to name a few. The Hub also has a couple of bars on-site, Dion’s Bar and the MM15 Bar. Both locations offer tropical themed handcrafted cocktails as well as a local beers and wines.

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