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Social Distancing Activities Along 30A

In the age of a global pandemic, COVID—19 has brought with it a new vocabulary that people world-wide have adapted out of necessity. Social distancing is now a familiar phrase and a practice that keeps health and safety top of mind. While summer brings with it the desire to travel, incorporating social distancing into trips is a good way to protect yourself and others during your adventures. Fortunately, for those with their travel sights set on 30A this year, there are plenty of options for fun in the area that keep you far from the crowds. Here are a few social distancing activities in Florida you’ll want to be sure to try.

Go Paddleboarding

Getting out on the water, away from groups of others, and enjoying the fresh air can best be done on 30A by renting a paddleboard and enjoying time on one of the many dune lakes. Not only are the 30A dune lakes scenic, but rather rare elsewhere in the world making them a noteworthy stop. Even if you head out on a paddleboard in good company, it’s easy enough to remain 6-feet apart on the water.

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Social Distancing on the Beach

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Hike or Bike the 30A Trail

For those visitors that prefer to explore on foot or two wheels, peddling or trekking your way along the 30A bike trail is an ideal route to remaining distant and safe while still having fun in the great outdoors. What’s referred to by locals as the Timpoochee Trail offers up over 19 miles of paved pathway to enjoy that connects a variety of coastal communities worth exploring. Bring your camera along for this walk or ride as the trail is known for its many scenic overlooks and stops along the way definitely worth capturing on film.

Hit the Beach, at a Distance

Social distancing in Florida doesn’t always mean completely avoiding the crowds, it simply means keeping your personal bubble in check while you’re there. Grayton Beach is a great choice when it comes to vast stretches of sand where it would be fairly simple to pick a cozy place to yourself. Watch the waves roll in, go for a stroll or take a dip in the water, all while maintaining a reasonable distance from others.

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