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Florida has long been known for its pristine stretches of coastline, fun atmosphere, and amazing year-round weather. These factors alone are often enough to entice travelers to leave the cold and snow behind in pursuit of warm-weather holiday memories. Of all the fantastic destinations Florida hosts, there’s something particularly appealing about a trip along 30A. This expanse of highway has defined itself as a coastal landmark worth not only traveling but stopping and exploring as well. Travelers often find themselves staying longer than they expected, especially when they arrive during the holiday season. Beyond the beautiful weather this area promises, 30A proves time and again to be a place worth spending a holiday or two. Here’s a look at a few reasons why this place is one of the best vacation spots for 2019.

The Beautiful Beaches That are Family-Friendly

A trip along 30A is not only scenic and serene but beckons holiday travelers to take time to unwind on a collection of some of Florida’s most beautiful and clean beaches. These family-friendly stretches of sand line deep blue waters that make for a perfect place to lounge under the sun, take in the view or take to the waves on paddleboard or kayak. From Santa Rosa Beach to Inlet Beach and the numerous options in between, a holiday along 30A means combining the best of quality time with family and friends while making beach memories.

The Boutique Shopping in Small Towns

The continued beauty and intrigue of 30A holiday adventures are closely linked to the many charming communities that dot the area. Each is known for its own personality, style, and appeal and provides options to stop in at one-of-a-kind boutique shops with every visit. Ditch the big-name holiday shopping stops and instead, swap them out for exciting visits to places such as Disco Boutique in Rosemary Beach or Yellow Fly trading company in Seagrove.

The Holiday Markets

Don’t let the tropical atmosphere fool you—a holiday spent exploring 30A is one that comes complete with holiday market stops too! In fact, there’s no need to pack gifts when you can make the most of the Rosemary Beach marketplace that’s sure to please. This popular stop features everything from sweets and beverages to handcrafted goods and regional apparel. Find that ideal souvenir to commemorate your holiday trip or turn your visit into a gift as you go experience and give back to those you love in the moment!

Book a 30A Stay Today

Make the most of a 30A holiday stay by booking beautiful coastal accommodations with the experts at Paradise Properties. Contact us today for more information on our many options and to begin planning your trip!

Depending on where you live, it may be tough to realize that it’s time to start planning for Thanksgiving just by looking out your window. Our visitors from the Southwest understand they still have many more weeks of heat, while our northern visitors may be hoping to escape cold, uncomfortable temperatures! Wherever you are from, however, and no matter what the temperatures outside your door are, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and if you are looking for your dream escape along 30A, now is the time to start your 30A Thanksgiving 2019 plans; this guide is will help you create the holiday of your dreams!

Family Matters

We’ve always known that this holiday is about being thankful, especially for the people we love most, but the hard work that has generally accompanied the turkey day feast can bring about stress that pushes thoughts of thankfulness aside. During your 30A getaway, however, this will not be the case! Start the day with a 30A Thanksgiving Day 10K and Fun Run in Rosemary Beach; the family that runs together stays together! For the less ambitious, a brisk walk or bike ride around the neighborhood could be perfect. 30A is very friendly for pedestrians and bikers, and you’ll often see people walking around our beach communities.

Talking Turkey

Independence Day is about fireworks, Christmas is about presents, and Thanksgiving is all about that giant feast we dream about throughout the year, and just because you’re traveling during this holiday, it doesn’t mean you have to skip the turkey dinner! Our fully equipped kitchens are spaces that make meal prep easy, but if you’re not in the mood to cook your own dinner, many of our local grocery stores will be offering fully cooked dinners you can purchase and enjoy. For those who prefer to eat out, restaurants like Havana Beach Bar and Grill in Rosemary Beach or Roux 30A in Grayton Beach are often open for Thanksgiving, serving delicious feasts that may just become your favorite new Thanksgiving meal!

After the 30A Thanksgiving Bash

As we all know, Thanksgiving is the kick-off to the winter holidays. Black Friday shopping at Silver Sands Premium Outlets in Miramar Beach, breakfast at Fish Out of Water in Watercolor, or a tree lighting ceremony in the Village of Baytowne Wharf are just a few of the exciting activities that will help keep your long weekend jampacked with fun!

Your Home Away from Home

When you choose Paradise 30A for your vacation accommodations, your getaway is guaranteed to be homey, warm, and welcoming. Reserve your stay with us today and start preparing for a Thanksgiving holiday you won’t ever forget!

We take vacations not just to get away, but to add a dash of excitement to our everyday life. Routines are wonderful, but when you start to feel as if you’re in a rut, it’s time to do something different; a trip to 30A fits the bill nicely! And because we don’t believe in ordinary vacations, we’ve created this guide to three unique activities and attractions you can enjoy on your 30A getaway that will make your time away from home extraordinary!

Grayton Beach’s All-Natural Kiddie Pools

Finding things that the younger members of your family will enjoy can be difficult in your standard vacation, but in Florida, everything is simpler. Western Lake offers a shallow and wave-free spot for children to swim and have fun without adults having to worry about the young ones being frightened of the tide. Adults can wade through the shallows or sit on the beach watching their offspring have the time of their lives as they soak in the rays of the sun; this “kiddie pool” is an attraction to be enjoyed by everyone!

Movies Under the Stars at Eden Gardens

Imagine sitting under the great oak trees, the stars twinkling brightly overhead as you eat popcorn and watch a vintage movie. This magical experience takes place at Eden Gardens on select nights! Stake your spot on the grass with a blanket or lawn chairs—if you get there before sunset, you’ll get two shows for the price of entry into the park! The movies don’t play every night, so checking the state park website will give you the details of what’s playing and when. One movie that plays quite often is the movie Frogs; filmed in the 70s right here at Eden Gardens, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the past!

Experience Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach

Graffiti is no longer something unappreciated and painted over by authorities; it has become a legitimate artform, and variations such as this digital graffiti show in Alys Beach have been popping up all over the world! Held every May (2020’s festival will take place May 15th & 16th), talented artists use the white walls of Alys Beach’s buildings to create art from color and light. The show will take your breath away and give you a new appreciation of the new twist given to one of the world’s oldest art forms.

Paradise Found on Your 30A Getaway

No matter how you choose to spend your days on your 30A getaway, spending your nights with us in one of our Paradise 30A vacation escapes guarantees an extraordinary Florida journey. Reserve yours today!

Although every restaurant may offer something that’s new to you, there are some newer spots along 30A that offer that little something extra that turns an ordinary meal into an extraordinary one! Atmosphere, cost, even the spices that are used all matter, and because we want to ensure that our guests have the best vacations, we go the extra mile and do the research to find the newest flavors and sweetest tastes along our coastal paradise. Following this 30A restaurants guide will guarantee an epicurean adventure that you’ll remember fondly long after you’ve returned to the comfort and safety of your home sweet home!

Airstream Row

The newest craze to hit the dining arena all over the United States is the formerly humble food truck. What was once seen as a cheap way to feed the hungry construction worker has now become a gourmet sensation craved by all demographics, and Airstream Row in Seaside, Florida takes the craze to the next level! Offering a delicious selection of foods that include everything from BBQ to hot dogs, this “community” of vintage Airstream trailers is guaranteed to be a hit with every member of your traveling party!

Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar

Located at 875 S. HWY 393 in Santa Rosa Beach, Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar is one of the newer seafood restaurants found along 30A, but don’t dismiss it as just another fish spot! This sweet oyster bar has been winning awards for its delicious treats and is designed to give guests a good time as they enjoy great food! Offering live music and breathtaking views, every bite is the best one at Shunk Gulley.

Sunrise Coffee Co.

True coffee fans know the truth: We can never get enough of that strong black gold, and guests in our Santa Rosa Beach properties will be glad to know that Sunrise Coffee Co. serves up the good stuff! Offering not just the perfect cup of joe but a sizeable menu of breakfast and lunch goodies—plus a delicious sweets menu with donuts and ice cream—makes it the perfect place all around! Self-described as the FUNkiest coffee shop on 30A, a visit here is sure to help you start the morning right.

Choose Paradise

When you’ve devoured the last crumb and swallowed the last sip, coming back to your Paradise 30A vacation escape will be the cherry on the top of your very delicious sundae. Reserve your vacation rental with us today and discover why choosing Paradise is always the right decision!

As another beach vacation season quickly approaches, the turn of the calendar page shows that America’s birthday is just around the corner, and if you haven’t made any plans yet, it’s ok; we have some ideas that are just for you! And yes, we are thinking that a 30A getaway is the perfect 4th of July retreat, but there’s so much more to our plans. When you follow this guide, you are promised a vacation that is filled with fun and fulfilling. It’s summer in Florida, does it really get any better than this? The answer is yes, especially when you choose to stay in one of our Paradise 30A holiday escapes for 4th of July on 30A!

All-American Breakfast

Because breakfast can be fun, we suggest putting a patriotic spin on your morning meal, and mixed berry pancakes topped with whip cream offer a red, white, and blue wake up your family will never forget! Simply prepare the batter the way you normally would but add frozen blueberries and raspberries to the mix; stir, pour, and flip, adding whip cream once you’ve plated the pancakes, and your day is off to a delicious start. Our kitchens are designed to take the chores out of meal prep, something you’re about to discover!

Water Fun

Summer can be hot here on the panhandle, but since it’s still a few hours until the main event (parades and fireworks!), why not spend the early part of the day swimming in the pool—or better yet, frolicking in the Gulf! Whichever water source you decide on, your week of fun during the 4th of July is destined to be the most memorable one yet as you sip on your favorite drinks, practice your dives in the pool, and swim like a fish in the emerald waters of the coast!

Parade of Patriotism

The best holidays are accompanied by a parade of fun, and the South Walton 4th of July Parade, starting at 8 AM, is one of our favorites! Held in the Seaside community, it offers everything you love about a parade: floats, clowns, marching bands, classic cars, plus so much more. Come early to stake your space and plan on an evening of laughter, happiness, and family!

Filling the Sky with Color

In our mind, the best part of the holiday is the explosion of fireworks that light up the sky. When you stay in one of our Paradise 30A 4th of July escapes, your chances to ooh and ahh are multiplied! The Alys Beach 4th of July on 30A Concert and Fireworks allows guests to get out there and enjoy an evening of fun with the crowds, but if you don’t like crowds, staying home and viewing the show from the balcony is just as exciting. No need to worry about transportation or putting on shoes; simply walk outside with a glass of wine and enjoy the show that unfolds before you! Contact us today to reserve your stay.

As you begin planning your once in a lifetime family trip to Florida’s Emerald Coast, you may begin to feel some faint feelings of worry. No one knows more than you the difficulties of trying to find activities that EVERYONE in your family can enjoy! Well, because you made the right choice in picking Paradise Properties for your vacation accommodations, we want to show our gratitude by ensuring your entire traveling party has a magical and memorable 30A vacation, and this guide is how we are going to do so!

Dining Out

Hunger pangs can make you irritable, and if you’re traveling with younger children, keeping them fed and happy is a must; these family-friendly restaurants allow you to do so while feeling comfortable and accepted! Stinky’s Fish Camp at 5960 W County Highway 30A offers more than a funny name which your kids will love; it’s known for serving the best seafood in the area in a relaxed atmosphere. Lunch at Redd’s Fueling Station (2320 W County Highway 30A) features thick and juicy burgers and happy music. And because breakfast doesn’t always have to be eggs and bacon, the Donut Hut at 4042 E County Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach is the sweetest way to start your vacation days during your stay in Florida!

Time to Play

Of course, the beach is the perfect family activity, offering something different for every person who visits, but the Gulf isn’t the only water game in town; Shipwreck Island Water Park at 12201 Hutchinson Blvd. in Panama City Beach is one of our favorite places to spend a day with the family! Featuring many play areas that include slides, rides, and of course, pools, a stop here may end up being the highlight of your trip!

When it’s time to visit the beach, sand castle lessons offered by Beach Sand Sculptures will help you create magical structures out of sand as you bond with your family in ways you never dreamed possible. Coming to you at your favorite beach and costing $220 for groups of 1-5 people, it only takes one class to discover what fabulous structures you are capable of creating!

Dreams Come True During a 30A Vacation

You may be hoping this family vacation will draw you closer together; staying in our fantastic Paradise Properties’ homes will offer moments you will never forget! Grill the catch of the day on the back patio, watch movies together on the big screen televisions in the living areas, or simply sit on the deck listening to the music of the waves crashing against the sugar white sands of our beautiful home town. These are just a few of the magical memories you can make when you stay in one of our vacation rentals. Reserve your 30A vacation today!

Just as the smaller moments can have the largest impact in your lives, smaller trips can result in the most magical experiences. If you only have three days to spare for your Emerald Coast getaway, it’s ok; this guide to the best Emerald Coast attractions will ensure you have the Florida getaway you always dreamed of. And because it’s only 28 miles from beginning to end, chances are you will see it all!

Day 1: Rent a Golf Cart

This journey you are about to embark on is a dreamy one, best experienced by exploring your distinct beach community via golf cart! Starting with breakfast with a view of the Seaside town center at the Great Southern Cafe (a delicious omelet and Bloody Mary) will keep your motor running until lunch as you explore what the panhandle has to offer. Another great choice in Seagrove Beach is The Perfect Pig (4281 E. Co. Highway 30A) or try their Gulf Place location too! Today’s adventures will lead you through five of our favorite Gulf-side communities, including Gulf Place, Seaside, Seagrove, Rosemary Beach, and Carillon Beach. There are no rules to how you explore these areas, but a visit to Eastern Lake—a coastal dune lake—and try out stand-up paddle boarding (contact us for details) is highly recommended. Dinner at Restaurant Paradise, located at 82 S. Barrett Square in Rosemary Beach, is the perfect way to round out the perfect day in paradise.

Day 2: The Magic Continues in Emerald Coast Attractions

It’s all blue skies and sunshine as we start out refreshed and relaxed from a night’s sleep in one of our Paradise 30A panhandle escapes to continue our three-day tour of the Emerald Coast. Today’s hot spots will include exploring some of the local favorites. This morning we will take a walk on the wild side and enjoy ice cream for breakfast! The Blue Mountain Beach Creamery at 2129 S Co Highway 83 is a bit off the beaten path, but so worth the drive! Serving sweet and creamy ice cream and fro-yo, BMBC only accepts cash, so be prepared! Enjoy biking in Grayton Beach, hiking along the trails of Point Washington State Forest in WaterColor, and a visit to Sundog Books, an independent book store located at 89 Central Square in Seaside; this day will be jam-packed with adventures! Pleasantly tired and slightly sunburned, dinner at Seagrove Village Market Café (2976 South County Highway 395) will bring a smile to your taste buds as you feed your soul with delicious seafood and key lime pie!

Day 3: We Hate to See You Leave!

There’s still time to explore the wonders of Santa Rosa Beach, Seacrest, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, and Carillon Beach before you go! Wake up early for a quick 18 holes at the Santa Rosa Beach Club Golf Course (for those who dislike golf, you can spend the time at the beach, perfecting your tan!), shop for souvenirs at Peddler’s Pavilion in Seacrest, explore the outdoor shops in Carillon Beach, take in a delicious dinner at The Havana Beach Bar & Grill at 63 Main Street in Rosemary Beach, and finally go for a moonlight stroll on the white sands of Inlet Beach! It’s time to pat yourself on the back; you’ve had a busy and fulfilling three days in paradise, and you managed plenty of activities!

Emerald Coast Attractions

Falling into the cloud-soft beds at our Paradise 30A properties at the end of each day. Contact us today to learn more about Emerald Coast attractions and to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals!

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