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When you stay at Paradise Properties, not only are you staying with a top-rated rental management company in the region, but you also have access to tons of activities and equipment rentals. From our concierge, you can rent bikes, golf carts, beach gear, and more. Guests can swiftly explore Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast by utilizing one of our affordable 30A bike rentals, with the wind in your hair and picturesque views for miles. Not only is it a unique way to explore this startlingly-beautiful region, but you’ll be getting some great exercise! 

Paradise Properties’ 30A Bike Rentals and Local Trails

Put on your tennis shoes and sunglasses and rent bikes from our concierge for a full day under the sun with friends and family. Ride through a number of quintessential 30A towns or along the sandy beach—or both! Stop along the way for photo ops, lunch, and maybe even some shopping if you’re up to it. After you check-out your bike, you can leave right from your home with Paradise Properties and be on your way in short order!

Timpoochee Trail

One of the most popular bike trails is the Timpoochee Trail that will take you along scenic State Road 30A. For nearly 20 miles, this bike path is paved and mostly flat, making it a fun and leisurely bike ride. Bike past various dunes, lakes, and even see where the movie The Truman Show was filmed! If you get hungry, there are plenty of restaurants to stop by along the way.

Greenway Trails in Dune Allen

At the Town Center Government Education complex, you’ll find a ton of multi-use trails known as The Greenway Trails. Navigate through beautiful and luscious wetlands, over wooden bridges, and past dog parks – there’s so much to see when you ride along the Greenway Trails! 

Santa Rosa Beach’s Longleaf Greenway Trails

If you’re looking for bike trails to explore on your 30A bike rental, you can find plenty within Santa Rosa Beach’s 15,000-acre state forest, home to the East, Middle, and West Longleaf Greenway Trails. These trails provide over 27 miles with an opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of the Florida Panhandle.

Stay in a Luxurious 30A Vacation Rental

Paradise Properties has everything you need for a relaxing vacation (and a relaxing day after your 30A biking excursion). Bask near your private pool in one of our luxurious vacation rentals, or walk to the shops and restaurants nearby! To book a stay and reserve a 30A bike rental, please give us a call at 850-588-7136.Photo of Paradise Properties Rental

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the best holidays. Families come together to celebrate, delicious food is served, presents are opened, lots of football is watched, and you don’t have to worry about working. If you’re looking to have an extra special holiday getaway, consider planning a vacation with Paradise Properties. We have a variety of luxurious vacation homes that you can make your own during the holiday season, plus the wonderful Florida weather. Start planning your holiday getaway now by reading below – we’ll tell you about all of the different ways you can make the holidays fun when you stay with us.

Your Holiday Getaway to Florida

Now, the air might turn from crisp to cold as the year starts to end, but it’s always beautiful in Florida. If you’re used to wearing a sweater to Thanksgiving and seeing snow on the ground for Christmas, coming to Florida for a holiday getaway might be a nice change! 


If you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving with us, then you have definitely come to the right place. In your rental at Paradise Properties, you can make the ultimate Thanksgiving feast in your luxurious kitchen. We have all of the utensils, dishes, bowls, and cutlery that you’ll need for the entire family. No matter which rental you choose, we have it all. Your thanksgiving will be memorable, even if it’s not how you’re used to it being. The warm weather and the palm trees will allow you to be outside and be at a comfortable temperature during your holiday getaway.


Who needs snow to celebrate a white Christmas? Celebrate Christmas with the white sandy beaches and all of the holiday cheer that Florida has to offer. Pick up a Christmas ham at a local grocery store and all of the other sides that you want at Christmas. We have everything you need for every single holiday getaway, whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or New Years. After your Christmas dinner, take a walk on the beach and enjoy some eggnog, which you can always make at your home away from home at Paradise Properties!

Your Holiday Getaway at Paradise Properties

Like we mentioned above, we have everything you need for the perfect holiday getaway. Your full kitchen is the perfect place to cook dinner for the holidays, and you can explore the city and going out to eat for the rest of your vacation! Our mulit-bedroom, luxurious condo rentals are nothing short of perfection. If you have any questions, or you want to book your holiday weekend with us, then call 850-588-7136.

 Photo of a Paradise Property Living Room

When you go underwater, you’re introduced to a whole new world. You’ll see colors that you would never see on land and creatures you might not even know existed. Snorkeling is an easy and adventurous way to explore what’s below, and it’s something your entire group can enjoy. Some of the best snorkeling in Panama City Beach is just minutes away from Paradise Properties Vacation Rentals – the short commute is all the more reason to add snorkeling to your vacation bucket list!

The Best Snorkeling in Panama City Beach: Snorkel Panama City

Snorkel Panama City has some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving guided tours around. The tours offered here are perfect for all skill levels. Tours will typically last for 90 minutes to two hours, and we know you’ll enjoy every minute exploring what lies below the surface. 


For just $29 per person, you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Your guided snorkeling tour will begin with a quick briefing that will cover the safety and fundamentals of snorkeling, and then you’ll head into the water! Once you practice in a shallow area, you’re ready for the deeper waters. Explore the enticing aquatic fish, including clownfish, angelfish, parrotfish, sea turtles, and the rest of the Finding Nemo cast! Swim above or beside beautifully colored reefs, and everything else under the sea. Oh, and your snorkeling moments will be caught on video!


These snorkeling tours are for adults and kids ages five and up. All of the equipment you’ll need to snorkel is included in your $29 fee, as well as free pictures and videos of you and your group underwater! Snorkeling in Panama City Beach is an opportunity too priceless to pass up, so book your tour online today.

Homes in Florida: Paradise Properties

After spending a few hours in the salty water, explore the surrounding area or head back to your luxury home at Paradise Properties Vacation Rentals to relax and lounge around. Each of our beautiful rentals can be your home away from home, no matter the group size, or the occasion. Whether you’d like a pet-friendly rental, a private pool, or a gulf view, we have something for every group. Escape for a weekend to our tropical paradise, and book with us by calling 850-588-7136.

Photo of a Rental Through Paradise Properties