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If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, look no further than Florida’s Carillon Beach. Carillon Beach is a destination inside of a destination, a quiet coastal community located in Panama City Beach. At Carillon Beach, time moves a little slower, people are a little friendlier, and there are plenty of great shops, restaurants, and attractions to keep you as busy or relaxed as you’d like.

The team at Paradise Properties offers an extensive collection of vacation rentals throughout Panama City Beach, including Carillon Beach. We’re here to help you plan your vacation to this charming beach community.

Plan a Vacation to Carillon Beach

The main thing that separates Carillon Beach from the East End and West Panama City Beach is the wholesome community. This development was carefully designed with pedestrians in mind. Restaurants, boutiques, and attractions are everywhere, and you can reach just about everything on a leisurely walk. Less time spent in the car means more time for relaxation and enjoying the area’s fantastic climate. Whether you’re interested in shopping, dining, or lounging at the beach, everything is just a short walk from your Carillon Beach vacation rental. 

Speaking of the beach, the white sand beach at Carillon Beach is quite a gem. The beach is considerably less busy than other beaches in Panama City Beach, allowing visitors to spread out, and has a more relaxing environment. The welcoming emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico are perfect for swimming, while the luxurious sands are ideal for sunbathers and beachcombers. 

Another notable attraction is Downtown Carillon and Market Street. Styled after the New Orleans French Quarter, Market Street is the unofficial hub of Carillon Beach. Take a nice walk along Market Street and explore the area’s wide range of shops and restaurants. Whether you’re looking for stylish clothes, the perfect souvenir, a slice of pizza, or upscale dining options, Market Street has you covered. Along the way, admire the area’s striking architecture and grab a photo at the Carillon Fountain. 

Downtown Carillon is located right next to Lake Carillon, a 13-acre lake that adds to the community’s tranquil yet beautiful setting. Guests often enjoy shore fishing and paddling on Lake Carillon during the day and admiring the community’s lights reflecting off the water when night falls. Another highlight is the Carillon Bell Tower, a 50-foot bell tower located right at the entrance to the community that treats visitors to harmonious tunes played by 35 bells. 

Vacation Rentals in Carillon Beach

Paradise Properties offers an excellent selection of vacation rentals in Carillon Beach. Whether you want to stay in a private beachside villa or a condo rental at Carillon Beach Resort, we have options for everyone. Our lodging options in Carillon Beach can accommodate up to 13 guests, so even if you’re traveling with a large group, we have you covered.

To stay at one of our rental properties in Carillon Beach or Panama City Beach, please make a reservation online or by speaking to a reservationist at 850-588-7136. We’re also happy to answer your questions via instant chat.