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Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach, Florida is a master-planned community based on the urban planning concept known as New Urbanism. In the early 1980s, this real estate concept focused on how to build better cities for its residents through easy access, public spaces and less emphasis on the automobile. The small coastal community was once part of greater Inlet Beach. However, in the early 1990s it became independent and the quaint coastal commune was established. The neighboring communities of Alys Beach and Seaside are also based using New Urbanism techniques and principles.

New Urbanism

Upon arrival in Rosemary Beach, visitors will immediately notice how the buildings rise skywards as opposed to using massive yards and typical two-car garages. The streets are small and many of the buildings are reminiscent of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Although the double balconies here are primarily made of sustainable materials and not cast-iron, the architectural resemblance is uncanny. Additionally, Rosemary Beach pays homage to those ancient European cities with cobblestone streets, quaint alleyways and open squares.

Shopping & Dining at Rosemary Beach, Florida

Moreover, visitors will find many retail boutiques, restaurants and shops in Rosemary Beach. Some of the recommended restaurants include Cowgirl Kitchen and Summer Kitchen Cafe, both offer menus with comfort food and full-bar service. For more upscale dining, the Havana Beach Bar & Grill brings the flavors from the Caribbean and Restaurant Paradis prepares delectable seafood alongside white tablecloth service. La Cocina serves coastal inspired cuisine with the spices and flavors of Mexico and Wild Olives Market & Cafe provides light fare perfect for lunch or brunch.

Entertainment & Lodging

Of course, like many other beaches in South Walton, Rosemary Beach has white sand beaches and pristine crystalline waters. It is located on scenic highway 30A and minutes away from the other master-planned communities such as Seaside and Alys Beach. Additionally, Panama City Beach is located down the coast, where visitors in search of more activities and nightlife will undoubtedly find what they are seeking. Lake Powell is also right nearby for excursions on freshwater waves and Camp Helen State Park offers hiking and a trip back through time with its historic cottage, water tower and residence hall; the entire site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. So, don’t hesitate; where you will feel right at home in this quaint seaside community!

Even More to Enjoy While You’re Visiting 30A

Time spent in Rosemary Beach is bound to be a delight, particularly for those visitors that arrive with passions shared between incredible architecture and well-deserved time spent on the sand soaking up the sun. However, the beauty of a trip this direction is that the entire stretch of 30A is linked, meaning the collection of captivating coastal communities designed to be enjoyed and discovered is never far from reach. When you’re ready to add to that already incredible itinerary and take your trip from great to unforgettable, don’t miss out on the chance to include these stops along the way.

Learn to Surf

Working on that golden tan is great and taking a dip to cool off in the turquoise waves is fun, but there’s nothing quite like hitting the water via surfboard. Whether you’re completely new to the sport or have long loved time spent tracking incoming waves in the name of fun, spending time with the Austin Magee’s Surf School out of Seaside is sure to please. Headquartered at 2236 E. County Highway 30A at Santa Rosa Beach, the Austin Magee’s Surf School is a one-stop-shop for all things surf, learning, and excitement on the waves. This premier provider offers up private and group lessons upon request as well as refresher courses for more experienced surfers looking to refine their skills on the water. For those that are just looking to grab some of the best gear, the Austin Magee’s Surf School offers surfboard rentals by the hour or day as well. While the school is located near Seaside, lessons can come to you if your travels have you situated elsewhere. The school is proud to serve the entire 30A area in the name of spreading a love of surfing and promoting water safety.

Explore the Timpoochee Trail

It can be exciting to explore 30A on foot or make your way along by vehicle and take in the views in a comprehensive fashion. However, there’s nothing quite like exploring the coastal communities that make up 30A on two wheels. The Timpoochee Trail, otherwise known as the 30A Bike Trail, is a fan favorite amongst locals and visitors alike when it comes to enjoying several communities in the span of a day while also immersing yourself in scenic beauty. The Timpoochee Trail is comprised of 19 miles of paved pathway, perfect for the solo cyclist or those traveling in the company of family and friends. Take your own bike or feel free to rent one for the day thanks to the many companies that offer this service along 30A. The Timpoochee Trail offers up stunning lake and ocean views as well as options to observe sandy beaches and towering trees from a convenient vantage point.

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