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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Guest(s) acknowledges and understands that he (she) is a licensee of the Owner and not a tenant, and that guest(s) is not acquiring any interest in the property. It is understood that each unit is privately owned including the furnishings, with Paradise Properties Vacation Rentals & Sales solely as” Agent” for the Owner.

1. Initial payment (1/2 of the total rental amount) is due when property rental agreement has been received by guest. Rental agreement should be signed and returned either by e-signature (preferred), fax, or email within 3 business days of booking for confirmation of reservation. Balance is due 30 days prior to check-in date - no exceptions. We accept Check, Visa, MC, and Discover. Checks are accepted no later than 45 days prior to check-in date. A $75 fee will be charged for any returned checks.
2. Reservations must be made and confirmed by an adult over the age of 25 unless otherwise approved by the Owner of property and Paradise Properties. This policy includes reservations made by parents who do not check-in and/or who leave overnight during the confirmed rental period. Violators will be evicted and all rental payments will be forfeited.  

3. The Guest(s) acknowledges and understands that check-out time is no later than 10:00 AM CST and check-in time is no earlier than 4:00 PM CST. If guest checks out later than 10:00 AM CST, guest will be charged an additional night at the standard rate. If guest checks in earlier than 4:00 PM CST without management approval, guest will be charged an additional $150.
4. Paradise Properties provides each guest with startup toiletries to include 2 toilet paper rolls per bathroom, 1 paper towel roll, 1 soap per sink and wash station, and 1 trash can liner per trash can. During your stay you are responsible for extra items you want (i.e. extra towels, toiletries, paper products, including trash can liners etc.)
5. Guest is responsible for additional items wanted (i.e. extra towels, hangers, alarm clocks, etc.) that are not provided in the unit. Only contact the management company if there is a true emergency, i.e. overflow in toilet.
6. The property shall not be used for parties/weddings nor be used for social gatherings that exceed the maximum occupancy. Nor shall property be used as a place of commerce. Occupancy and use of premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors or residents. The Agent has the prerogative to terminate this agreement and to ask disruptive Guests to vacate the premises immediately with no refund.
7. The Guest shall make property available to Agent for purpose of making repairs or for other scheduled purposes. The Agent may enter premises in cases of emergency, without notice to Guest.
8. Guest agrees to start dishwasher prior to checking out, gather towels ONLY, in pile in/near laundry room (keep damp towels separate), and take trash out before leaving.

9. It is understood that each unit is privately owned including the furnishings, with Paradise Properties Vacation Rentals & Sales solely as” Agent” for the Owner. Information regarding individual listings is believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. Guest(s) inspection of the premises is encouraged.
10. Guest(s) shall be solely responsible for any property damage, accidents, injury to any person or loss sustained by any person, including: loss of money, jewelry, and other items of personal property, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of the premises or the items of personal property provided by Agent or Owner at guest(s) request. Guest(s) shall inspect and be familiar with proper use and application of such items prior to using them. Guest(s) hereby agrees to INDEMNIFY and hold Paradise Properties Vacation Rental & Sales and/or Homeowner harmless from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of premises or the items of personal property provided therein. Guest(s) assumes the risk of injury or other losses relating to any recreational activities and will hold owner and its agents harmless with respect there to.
11. Guest(s) shall leave premises in a clean, presentable and undamaged condition. If there are any missing items or damaged items found during the inspection after guest checks out of property, guest understands that Agent reserves the right to charge guest for any repairs, items that need replacing or additional cleaning fees.
12. If property is not equipped with address, renter is aware that the 911 address will be posted on rental agreement and/or refrigerator of property.
13. Guest is aware that the linen count will be as follows; 2 hand towels per bathroom and 1 bath towel, 1 wash cloth are provided per person the property accommodates. Be sure to pack extra linens if you feel you need more than what is provided. Sheets are provided per bed. Extra blankets will be in the property.

14. Dogs are not permitted on site. If this policy is violated, you will be vacated immediately without refund and charged an additional $500 dog fee. For properties that dogs are allowed, it is expected that the Guest will clean up after dog inside the property, outside in yard, and surrounding premises. Property should be left in an orderly manner with excessive dog hair cleaned up prior to departure. Dogs are to remain off furniture. Dogs may not be a nuisance to neighborhood. Should a complaint be made, guest will be asked to remove the dog from the property. If guest are in violation of the policy pertaining to their dog, a $150 additional charge will apply.

15. Cancelation Policy: There are no refunds for any reason. If you have such concerns, please contact our office to see about purchasing travel insurance.
16. We do offer travel insurance and by signing this rental agreement confirms that you have been notified and been given the option to purchase travel insurance, which is 6.95% of the total rate. If you’d like to know what it covers, please go to our website www.paradise30a.com and click GUEST SERVICES, then CSA Travel Insurance. If there are any further questions please call (866) 999-4018.
17. Please make sure to remove any and all items from the beach each evening. Walton County will be patrolling the area, throwing out anything they find as part of the "Leave No Trace" Program. Leaving things on the beach disturbs the nesting Sea Turtles in our area. Also, please fill in any holes you dig on the beach as these are detrimental to the Sea Turtles nesting and hatching. It is unlawful to walk on any sand dunes or pick sea oats.
18. As a guest of Paradise Properties, guest is participating in the Accidental Damage Protection plan. This Accidental Damage Protection is not insurance. It is a non-refundable, one time charge per reservation that covers accidental damage reported by the guest prior to check-out for guests who have complied with the Rental Agreement. In exchange for the payment of the Damage Protection and the execution of this agreement, which incorporates the terms of this limited waiver clause, the company hereby waives the right to charge the guest for any reported damages to the Property that result from the guest’ accidental or inadvertent acts or omissions during the duration of their stay for damages up to but not exceeding $3,000. Guest will be responsible for any damages or losses in excess of $3,000, as well as any damages or losses excluded from the terms herein.

All damages must be reported to Paradise Properties when they occur. Failure to promptly report damage to Paradise Properties voids this damage protection.
Paradise Properties shall have sole administrative authority of this plan and shall have the sole exclusive right to determine the extent of repairs necessary as a consequence of guest’s negligence.
The waiver does not apply to damages caused by the intentional acts of guest, the willful conduct or misconduct of a guest, the gross negligence of a guest, or any instance of theft. Paradise Properties is authorized to charge the guest’s credit card for any damages suffered as a result of conduct or misconduct detailed in this paragraph.
This damage protection does not apply to damages/losses caused by pets or smoking in a property.

19. All properties are non-smoking properties. If it is found that the guest(s) has been smoking during their stay in the house, their credit card will be charged an additional $500.
20. Guest agrees that anyone using drugs or allowing others to use drugs or any illegal or unlawful controlled substance on property will be immediately denied occupancy of premises. Agent can deny occupancy for violations.
21. Due to Florida climate the thermostat shall not be set below 70 degrees. If set below 70, especially with doors and windows open the AC will freeze. The Guest will be held responsible for the maintenance bill if the AC stops working due to negligence of lowering AC temperature and keeping windows and doors open.
22. In rare instances, a reserved property may become unavailable; therefore we reserve the right to change your reservation to equivalent or better accommodations.
23. In the event personal items are left behind, Paradise Properties will do their best to retrieve left items at property and return to guest (at guest expense) in a timely manner.  If items are found and are not claimed within 30 days, they will be discarded. Paradise Properties is not responsible for lost or left behind items, but only as a courtesy to guest to make an effort to retrieve and return said items.
24. The Florida Fire Code: NFPA 1:10.11.7 states for other than one- and two-family dwellings, no hibachi, gas-fired grill, charcoal grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose, shall be used or kindled on any balcony or under any overhanging portion or within 10 ft. (3 m) of any structure.
24. Due to HOA and community restrictions, parking is limited at the rental property. No boats, RV, trailers, jet skis or other recreational vehicles are allowed at the property. If this policy is violated, you will be charged $500 and the above-stated vehicle will be towed.

Paradise Properties Vacation Rentals & Sales does not offer refunds; however, guests do have the option to add Generali travel insurance to their reservation. You must make contact with Paradise Properties Vacation Rentals & Sales in order to add this to your reservation.



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