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Seaside Farmers’ Market

Visiting the master-planned community of Seaside is a treat in itself, since it gives visitors an exemplary look at the architectural concept of New Urbanism. This community planning allows people to shop, live and work in a centralized manner. Nevertheless, when in town don’t forget to stop by the Seaside Farmers’ Market for fresh produce, baked goods, honey, dairy products and much more. For nearly two decades, the Seaside FL Farmers’ Market has since become a fixture in the beachside community every Tuesday and Saturday. It is a great place for people to learn more about where their food is grown as well as educate themselves on how local food is not only healthier, but how it leaves a smaller carbon footprint for the environment.

Varied Fruits & Vegetables

Like many farmers’ markets around the United States, visitors will find lots of different fruits such as jackfruit, lychee and loquat which are not often found at local supermarkets. Moreover, almost all of the knowledgeable vendors provide recipes to use these fruits and vegetables in combination with other items found at the market. Try the heirloom vegetables from Greenman’s Garden or pick up some fresh flowers from Walton County Master Gardeners, then stroll over to Tison’s Blueberry Farm to sample some of these tasty, powerful antioxidant fruits. Take a basket home and make some blueberry muffins or a traditional pie, you will definitely notice the improvement in taste between these organic blueberries compared to the ones you find at your supermarket.

Farm-to-Table Ingredients

The Farmers’ Market Seaside also features 100% grass-fed beef from Sunset Ranch of Escambia Farms, creamy honey from the Register Family Bee Farm and freshly baked bread from Crust Artisan Bakery. Almost every vendor sources and creates his or her products locally and many of the items are made right before the market opens (in particular the bread and baked goods). Oftentimes the market also presents food trucks as well as live music; try the Red Onions Gyro Trucks for a healthy falafel pita or decadent gyro slathered in tzatziki sauce and of course, red onions. Whether you are a vegetarian or an avid carnivore, the samples and food selections will keep everyone happy.

When & Where is the Seaside FL Farmer’s Market

This particular farmers’ market seaside is held every Sunday from 9-1pm at the Seaside Amphitheater. The organizers also hold a market every Tuesday from 9-1pm. However, the midday market is seasonal, and it usually takes place during the summer. Admission is always free, but since it is located right in the center of Seaside, parking can sometimes be difficult to find.

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