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For some, winter is a welcome season that signifies the arrival of snow and holidays packed with tradition. For others, winter is a less-welcome season that can bring on the blues as the warmth and color of summer fades into a chilly, ice-covered couple of months. If you’re a traveler that falls into the latter category, there’s no reason to simply endure the impending cold. Instead of simmering in seasonal disappointment, turn winter into an excuse to make your way to Florida’s 30A area in the name of an amazing adventure! This sunny and fun-filled destination lets the excitement of outdoor fun, entertainment, and summer-inspired scenery continue well into the winter months. Here are a few stops and activities you’ll want to be sure to include on your itinerary when you’re planning on filling your winter with some Panama City Beach getaways this year instead.

Watch Wildlife at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

In many places, winter is the time of year that amazing creatures take to their dens or distant skies in search of warm weather destinations. When you make time to visit Topsail Hill Preserve State Park along 30A during the winter months, there are still plenty of animals waiting to be observed! Grab your binoculars and head over to this beautiful destination that features incredible dunes, more than three miles of beaches and plenty of opportunities for bird spotting and creature watching along the way.

Kayak a Dune Lake

Dune lakes are exceedingly rare, but 30A has the distinct honor of hosting 15 of them! Take advantage of getting outside and making the most of these watery wonders during a winter getaway by grabbing a kayak and heading out on the waves. Incredible fish species call these waters home and coastal birds can often be observed soaring above. South Walton hosts the majority of these lakes which combine a certain amount of fresh and saltwater, making them a truly unique ecosystem well-worth enjoying and exploring.

Take to the 30A Bike Trail

It’s not uncommon to hear it referred to as the Timpoochee Trail but the 30A bike trail is a must-experience route no matter what it’s called. Instead of rolling down the car window to take in the coastal beauty, hop on a bike and savor the 19-mile path that makes up this iconic trail. Taking to the trail on your bike provides an intimate way to feel a part of 30A and forget about shoveling your snow-filled driveway.

Book a Stay Today

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to indulge in the warmth and beauty 30A has to offer. The team at Paradise Properties is here to help you book amazing accommodations that match all of your vacation expectations. Contact us today for more details on our weekly rentals, beachfront rentals, and other properties!