Paradise Properties excels in conducting a thorough rental property inspection after every clean. We have several ways to maximize your rental inspection, and we’re sharing those with you today.

Rental Inspection Checklist

Provide your inspector with a detailed checklist outlining your expectations for property cleanliness, staging, and maintenance items. Your standards will be met.

Have your inspector do a full walk through of the interior and exterior of the property every time to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Property Inspection Preparation

Your inspector should pay special attention to light bulbs, filters, Wi-Fi, and cable. When all of these things are working and available, your guests will be able to feel at home.

Have your inspector well-stocked with any necessary items that will bring the property back to your high standards during a busy turn day. This may include toilet paper, paper towels, or hand soap in the bathrooms.

Your inspector should note any and all maintenance issues. Notify management if there are any maintenance items noticed during the inspection. This can easily be done through the Paradise maintenance app.

Cleaning Inspection and Greeting Guests

Have the inspector leave gifts for your guests at the property. They will remember your home this way, and they’ll appreciate the personal touch.

Many times, guests are waiting outside to check-in. Make sure your inspector is familiar with your property and can answer guests’ questions.

A thorough rental property inspection between guests and after a thorough cleaning is a great way to ensure your property remains in excellent condition. If you have any questions about how to conduct these inspections, please contact us at Paradise Properties.

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