The Emerald Coast of Florida has a reputation for offering up fantastic scenery, designed by nature to be enjoyed. It’s equally known and loved for its many opportunities for outdoor adventures that await. While the white sand beaches and blue waves beckon at any and all times of year, there’s something special about a summer trip this way when 30A is at its height of excitement. Whether you love the beach, can’t wait to get out on the water, or are just one for sightseeing, there are plenty of activities on 30A to motivate you to plan a trip!

Visit Point Washington State Park

For those visitors to 30A that appreciate time on the trails, a day spent in Washington State Park is sure to inspire. This protected area of land sits in the southernmost corner of Walton County and provides guests with an opportunity to enjoy a variety of ecosystems including cypress swamps, prairie, and forest. While this destination is perfect for wildlife spotting, it’s notorious for its maze of challenging trails. The Eastern Lake Trail System can be enjoyed on foot or bike and provides options for loops that range from 3.5 miles to 10 miles in length.

Take a Beach Bike Ride

While there are many breathtaking beaches that call the stretch of highway known as 30A home, Grayton Beach is particularly mesmerizing. When you’re here for a summer getaway, consider renting a bike and enjoying a ride along the beach to make the most of the landscape and waves. The Lake Loop Trail runs through this area, making it simple to ride along with ease while soaking up the sights.

Reserve Gear with Live Well 30A

30A enjoys a collection of dune lakes that are not only impressive but rare in comparison to access points across the globe. They are known for their thriving populations of waterside wildlife, but also for their calm waters which are ideal for enjoying on a paddleboard or kayak. Live Well 30A is a premier provider of kayak and paddleboard rentals at affordable prices. They will deliver your rentals to your rental property for your convenience! You can also rent other great beach gear such as beach chairs, a golf cart, baby gear, and much more!

Book Your 30A Stay

Enjoy the very best of 30A this summer and let Paradise Properties handle your accommodation details. Contact us today to learn more about the many options available in the area. We offer a vast selection of properties including our Watersound vacation homes, rentals, and villas.

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