When tension runs high, travel often provides the gift of a refreshing and new perspective. For many adventurers, looking to new places and exciting experiences is a great way to regain a sense of Zen that may have been lost within the shuffle of life over time. Along the way, travel also works as a reward for time dedicated to daily responsibilities. In much the same way, planning a corporate retreat can be a gift to over-worked employees. It can equally be used as a reward for a job well done. Whatever the motivation may be, planning a corporate retreat to Florida’s scenic 30A is a great way to give a professional team the gift of surf, sand, sun, and time dedicated to enjoying each other’s company.

Savor the Stay as a Team with a 30A Corporate Retreat

Sometimes, it can be hard to appreciate the people you work with when the biggest connection point lies with projects, deadlines, and assignments. Getting out of the office and enjoying time together along breathtaking 30A provides every opportunity for colleagues to become friends. As the group begins to relax, unwind, and enjoy new experiences side by side without the stress, it’s likely they may come to appreciate work colleagues on a new level.

Activities to Enjoy as a Team in 30A

30A provides travelers on corporate retreats with an incredible stretch of coastline to enjoy. Teams that bond best over water-based fun will find that there’s no shortage of opportunity to rent paddleboards and get out on the incredible dune lakes that dot this area. Equally intriguing might be a group trip to Seaside where New Urbanism brings picture-perfect architecture to life along the water. The 30A bike trail provides over 19 miles of paved pathways to discover which can be a fun team outing when paired with a picnic at the beach. A day trip to Deer Lake State Park is perfect for the team that’s looking to immerse themselves in nature while Grayton Beach is a great place for a group to find themselves when they’re in the mood for some fantastic food or cocktails that are easily paired with a Florida sunset.

Book into Comfort and Style

There’s nothing like a 30A corporate retreat to bring your team together and when you’re here, you’ll want to be sure you’re booked into clean, comfy, and luxurious accommodations to match. At Paradise Properties, our vast portfolio of corporate rental options makes it easy to customize your stay to meet your group’s every need. Contact us today to learn more about our many welcoming options and to begin planning!

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