Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the best holidays. Families come together to celebrate, delicious food is served, presents are opened, lots of football is watched, and you don’t have to worry about working. If you’re looking to have an extra special holiday getaway, consider planning a vacation with Paradise Properties. We have a variety of luxurious vacation homes that you can make your own during the holiday season, plus the wonderful Florida weather. Start planning your holiday getaway now by reading below – we’ll tell you about all of the different ways you can make the holidays fun when you stay with us.

Your Holiday Getaway to Florida

Now, the air might turn from crisp to cold as the year starts to end, but it’s always beautiful in Florida. If you’re used to wearing a sweater to Thanksgiving and seeing snow on the ground for Christmas, coming to Florida for a holiday getaway might be a nice change! 


If you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving with us, then you have definitely come to the right place. In your rental at Paradise Properties, you can make the ultimate Thanksgiving feast in your luxurious kitchen. We have all of the utensils, dishes, bowls, and cutlery that you’ll need for the entire family. No matter which rental you choose, we have it all. Your thanksgiving will be memorable, even if it’s not how you’re used to it being. The warm weather and the palm trees will allow you to be outside and be at a comfortable temperature during your holiday getaway.


Who needs snow to celebrate a white Christmas? Celebrate Christmas with the white sandy beaches and all of the holiday cheer that Florida has to offer. Pick up a Christmas ham at a local grocery store and all of the other sides that you want at Christmas. We have everything you need for every single holiday getaway, whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or New Years. After your Christmas dinner, take a walk on the beach and enjoy some eggnog, which you can always make at your home away from home at Paradise Properties!

Your Holiday Getaway at Paradise Properties

Like we mentioned above, we have everything you need for the perfect holiday getaway. Your full kitchen is the perfect place to cook dinner for the holidays, and you can explore the city and going out to eat for the rest of your vacation! Our mulit-bedroom, luxurious condo rentals are nothing short of perfection. If you have any questions, or you want to book your holiday weekend with us, then call 850-588-7136.

 Photo of a Paradise Property Living Room

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