Known for its sugar-white sandy beaches, emerald-hued waters, and relaxed coastal lifestyle, the Emerald Coast has captured the hearts of locals and travelers alike for years. Paradise Properties, a premier name in luxury real estate along the Emerald Coast, offers an extensive collection of beautiful homes for vacation rentals, leases, and purchase, spanning from Grayton Beach to Panama City and everywhere in between. Join us as we highlight some of our favorite spots in the area. 

Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach is a State of Mind, Grayton Beach 

The small village of Grayton Beach, known for its funk and free-spirit, is home to one of the nation’s most beautiful beaches. Nestled right inside Grayton Beach State Park, Grayton Beach is the perfect location for all kinds of outdoor activities and relaxation. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy everything from swimming and tanning to hiking and exploring the state park. 

Additionally, the community of Grayton Beach is incredibly dedicated to the protection of the local environment. Locals pride themselves on their efforts to maintain their ranking as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and take many precautions to not disturb their fragile ecosystem. 

The town of Grayton Beach itself is renowned for its eclectic vibe and laid-back attitude. It’s home to classic beach cottages, well-worn roads, and funky art and shops that give anyone who visits a comforting and welcoming feeling. Whether you love the outdoors or a vibrant art scene, Grayton Beach is the perfect place to visit, or even to call home! 

For a perfect stay, check out Cole Bin, a favorite vacation rental in the area that accommodates 10 guests and is conveniently located in the center of Grayton Beach. 


Seagrove Beach, Discover 30A

Seagrove, located just a few minutes from Grayton Beach, is another small town full of one-of-a-kind landscapes and experiences. While only two miles long, the quaint town has more public access beach points than any other town in the 30A area, making it perfect for those looking to spend their time basking in the sun. Seagrove is also conveniently located right next to Deer Lake State Park, Eastern Lake, and Timpoochee Trail, all of which are ideal for hiking, biking, and more. 

Seagrove is also home to a diverse array of restaurants, shops, and businesses, most of which are locally owned and operated. One favorite in particular is Cafe Thirty-A, which has been a staple in the area since 1949 and is known for its delicious banana beignets. 

If you’re looking to stay in Seagrove, check out Endless Waves – 208, a beautiful beachfront vacation rental perfect for families and friends.

Seacrest Beach

Seacrest Beach, 30A

For those searching for the 30A experience without all the hustle and bustle, Seacrest Beach is the quietest residential community in all of 30A. With no commercial development, Seacrest Beach is the ideal place to settle in, relax, and enjoy quality time with friends and family. However, if you are looking to enjoy some local shopping and dining, Seacrest is located right next to Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach, both of which have great local businesses to explore and enjoy at your leisure. 

Seacrest also houses one of the largest private pools in Florida. Spanning 12,000 square feet, Seacrest Beach Lagoon Pool is the grandest pool in all of 30A and is one of the best-kept secrets of the area. 

For those looking to book a stay in Seacrest, take a look at Lagoon Lounge and Sandy Cheeks, both of which are large rentals that comfortably accommodate everyone you bring along. 

Inlet Beach 

Inlet Beach Neighborhood Association, Inlet Beach FL 

Inlet Beach, one of the oldest and most authentic areas in South Walton, is a beautiful beach neighborhood known for its timelessness and history. Once called, “Soldiers Beach,” World War II veterans could buy 1.25 acres of land if they agreed to build a small home, a few of which still stand today. One of the most enjoyable activities in the area is checking out Lake Powell, one of the largest coastal dune lakes in the state. Rent paddle boards and kayaks nearby and spend a day out on the lake enjoying its warm waters and natural beauty. 

Check out Sandy Bottoms and Someday Came, both of which are beautiful three-story beach homes that sleep over 10 guests with great amenities and locations. 

Panama City Beach

PCB Beaches, Visit Panama City Beach 

Panama City Beach, a widely known tourist destination with over 27 miles of beaches, is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sugary white sand and crystal clear waters make for the perfect beach backdrop for all your outdoor adventures. Popular local attractions include state parks, swimming with dolphins, and, of course, the beach! 

Panama City Beach also offers an array of local dining experiences that cater to everyone’s palette. Enjoy a meal at one of the multiple beachfront bars and restaurants that are sure to provide excellent food and service that pairs perfectly with the gorgeous beach background. 

Also located right on the beach, Coastal Casa is the vacation rental for your next visit! Accommodating up to 22 guests, this beautiful home is full of amenities and conveniences to make your vacation perfect. 

From the laid-back attitude of Grayton Beach to the busy tourism of Panama City Beach, there is truly a spot for everyone along Florida’s iconic 30A. Exploring the area of 30A is not just a vacation, it’s an opportunity to explore nature, meet a new community, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

For more rental information and opportunities, visit to see all the Paradise Properties has to offer.  




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